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Get Up (Firebird180 version)
                                                           Megatron’s Point of View
I was starting to worry; it has been several hours since Optimus left to hunt. I knew that hunting could take several hours even on the best of these winter days; I looked down at my femling. She was Purple, Red, Dark Red, and Pink, with Blue optics; she had a black underbelly and talons that she got from me. I picked her up with my tail and set her on my back; she stirred a little from sleep but didn’t fully awaken. I wrapped my wings around her to keep her warm; then headed out into the snow. I headed to where Optimus normally hunted; I saw that Energon soaked the snow. I lowered my head and sniffed; my head shot up when I realized that it was Optimus’ Energon. I followed the trail of Energon to find my nest mate laying in the snow bare
:iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0
End of the Rangers? WIP
End of the Rangers
Reporter: “Just a few minutes ago a law was passed that stated that all Power Rangers were to hand over their Morphers and weapons to the Government; for it is now illegal to own or wield said powers.”
The Rangers, past and present, looked at the TV in shock; if it was now illegal to wield their powers then who was going to protect the earth? The Rangers with Animal Spirits felt their companions roar in rage; and even the ones without Animal Spirits could feel the rage of the Sacred Animals within their friends.
:iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0
RID 2015 theory
I am not sure how many of my watchers saw the season 2 finale of Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2015, but in that episode Ratchet appears. He says to Optimus and I quote "But you were gone, destroyed" that leads me to believe that this whole RID series takes place after the season 2 finale of TFP, in a verse where season 3 never happened, I would like to hear my watcher's thoughts on this, leave them in the comments please.
:iconfirebird180:FireBird180 1 10
TFP Drag and Drop game results 4 by FireBird180 TFP Drag and Drop game results 4 :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 2 TFP Drag and Drop game results 3 by FireBird180 TFP Drag and Drop game results 3 :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 7 TFP Drag and Drop game results 2 by FireBird180 TFP Drag and Drop game results 2 :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 1 5 Megatron and Sparknight by FireBird180 Megatron and Sparknight :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 1 0 Bond by FireBird180 Bond :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0 Sparknight's spark by FireBird180 Sparknight's spark :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 2 Megatron's spark by FireBird180 Megatron's spark :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 2 0 DF Flashfire by FireBird180 DF Flashfire :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0 DF Sparknight by FireBird180 DF Sparknight :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0 Sparknight by FireBird180 Sparknight :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 1 1 Shadowstar by FireBird180 Shadowstar :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 2 1 Astra by FireBird180 Astra :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 5
Bee's Sparkling
                                                       Bumblebees point of view
I stood there my wings nearly vibrating with anger; and holding my sparkling gently to my fluffy chest while glaring at Ultra Magnus. At the top of the ramp to the Steelhaven was the sire of my sparkling Waspinator; he was trying to get custody of our child.
Ultra: "Now Bumblebee he has a right to meet and help raise his sparkling."
Bumblebee: "I do not care; if he comes down here I will kill his aft; he got me sparked then left without a goodbye. I tried to contact him to tell him but he did not answer or return my calls; so as far as I am concerned he can just leave and never come back. Besides he can not claim the sparkling as we are not bonded; also he forced this on me."
Ultra Magnus spun and looked at Waspinator who was looking ev
:iconfirebird180:FireBird180 5 2


ROTG - When Children Die
Toothiana was sobbing.
It was horrible to hear, impossible to fathom. With every shaking breath, a cry of immeasurable loss issued from her lips. Her entire body was quaking, and her listless wings shimmered like teardrops in the shifting candlelight. In either hand she held two small, bejeweled cylinders. Each cylinder had an exclusive image of a child’s smiling face painted on one end, and was flattened on one side to form a sort of decorative door. On the ground before her, in three rows of five and one row of three, lay eighteen other cylinders. The small, circular cases shone in the flickering light, and as Tooth glanced up briefly to look upon each memento, a fresh wave of anguish overtook her and she once again succumbed to weeping.
Not one of the other Guardians could console her. They, too, were wracked with sorrow, for twenty children... twenty precious, unique, wonderful children... were dead.
North’s great shoulders shook, caving inwards, bearing a weight of gri
:iconhenpukumaru:Henpukumaru 129 51
Fight me! by Nightspin-sfmt Fight me! :iconnightspin-sfmt:Nightspin-sfmt 107 26
(REQ) TFA Prowl x Femme!Reader K
Thank you FireBird180 for requesting this story, sorry this took so long i just couldn't think, but I hope you like it. Enjoy ^-^
--They requested that the reader is Yoketrons daughter who prowl saved from Lockdown but she despises Prowl at first coz he couldn't save her sire, but after Prowl saves her from Megatron she falls hard for him.--
Yoketron:" Your getting better, daughter. But still need more training." My sire said helping me up.
(Y/N):" I understand father, I'll keep training." I say brushing myself off.
I finished brushing myself off when Warpath walked into the room with a Black and gold bot who was in stasis cuffs, holding him over his shoulder.
Prowl:" Take a holo-scan it'll last longer."
Warpath:" Quiet you waste of spark." He said dropping him on the floor.
Yoketron:" Thank you Warpath, you may removed the stasis cuffs."
Warpath:" You sure master Yoketron, he's a feisty one." He said looking down at the mech.
My sire simply replied by nodding his helm.
:iconxxfracturedwaterxx:xXFracturedWaterXx 5 7
XFMR: Deceptihumes by saesama XFMR: Deceptihumes :iconsaesama:saesama 70 42 XFMR: Humanized by saesama XFMR: Humanized :iconsaesama:saesama 260 172 Maui x Moana ~ [What A Cheesy Romance] by Skydrathik Maui x Moana ~ [What A Cheesy Romance] :iconskydrathik:Skydrathik 180 6 Moana and Maui in TLK style by NemuShiffer Moana and Maui in TLK style :iconnemushiffer:NemuShiffer 46 0 .: Alola, Moana! :. by xSkyeCrystalx .: Alola, Moana! :. :iconxskyecrystalx:xSkyeCrystalx 116 5 Pony Creator v3 by generalzoi Pony Creator v3 :icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 4,101 0
To Find Your Mate Young!Remus x Reader (Request)
The whole story is in reader's pov
It can be hard being a werewolf, especially when you don't accept your wolf. It can become very painful because the wolf is trying to rip itself out of you. I should know, I have experienced this first-hand. It doesn't help that many people's views of werewolves is that we are monsters. But we're not, not all of us at least. I mean yeah, there are monsters. Wolves like Greyback, they have no excuse for their behaviour but other can't help it. They fear their wolves, don't accept them and in return the wolf becomes angry and in it's blind rage attacks anything it comes across. I know this because I have done this. But now I accept my wolf and we are both better off now that I have, that doesn't mean people accept me though.I just want to find someone who will accept me. It's hard being a student at Hogwarts in normal cercumstances nevermind trying to hide what and who you are.
:iconihatepinsomuch:ihatepinsomuch 236 14
Miss Popular (Salazar Slytherin x Reader)
The note said,
'Dearest (Y/N),
I write to you from the past as it is of the utmost importance that I do. I will warn you now that this note is a powerful portkey that will bring you to my era. The past can not be changed and therefore you must come. I am looking forward to meeting you, as are my friends.
Salazar Slytherin'
Once (Y/N) had finished reading the note, she felt a tug behind her navel. Next thing she knew, she was standing in the centre of what looked like a deserted Great Hall. Looking around she noticed that the house tables were considerably shorter and that at the head of the hall, instead of the staff tables, there was four occupied thrones. Occupied by the four Founders. "Here I was thinking it was a joke."
"No joke my dear, It is a pleasure to meet you at last." A woman dressed in the most beautiful and sophisticated blue gown answered.
(Y/N) had been taking less
:iconihatepinsomuch:ihatepinsomuch 89 4
Learning to live again: page 13 by HollowGirl44 Learning to live again: page 13 :iconhollowgirl44:HollowGirl44 65 37
Ghirahim x Reader Part 13
Demon Hound name pronounciations: Mishka (Meesh-kah), Azgaanos ((Ahhhz-gah-nosss) Try not to pronounce 'Nos' as in saying 'no' to something like, 'no's. XD Pretend you're a snake. Nosss.), Ra'd ((Raaahhhd) Like rod with an 'a' for the 'o'. Just don't pronounce it 'rad' as in the word radical.), Idowu (Eeedoe-wuu), Valcurum (Val-cure-um), Altasoti (Altah-sue-tea), Maelcrom (Mal-cromm).
The place was rather dark, lit only by torches placed on the stone walls. There was a cool breeze from somewhere that sent chills down your spine.
Just ahead was a large metal door hosting many locks. You gulped, the hair on your arms and the back of your neck standing up. Ghirahim held up his hand, snapping his fingers once more.
You jumped when all the locks just suddenly snapped open. They faded away into diamonds after a couple of seconds. Fear filled your mind as the doors creaked open, your (e/c) eyes going wide.
You mind screamed at you, telling you to run. Howeve
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 7 4
[Ratchet x Reader] Remember me
(Name) wasn't the nicest bot on cybertron. Attitude got her into sticky situations, and her trigger-happy personality wasn't a big help, either.
But she wasn't a criminal.
Autobots were chivalrous, it was true. But man, were they quick to jump to conclusions.
Present dilema; she was stuck in a vault, energon leaking out of her servos and mid-section. It had happened so fast, she couldn't quite comprehend what really happened. The fact that she was half-concious from energon loss when it happened was a factor to her memory, but she knew that the Autobots thought her an enemy and deemed it a good idea to keep her prisoner.
(Name)'d been in trouble before, but this was different.
She was sitting against a wall, on a raised platform, mulling over what memory she did have, when the door creaked open. An orange-and-white mech stood there, a bit on edge, with a bag in one servo. (Name) glanced, vaugely irritated, up at him. She was too tired and in too much pain to do much more than shift pos
:iconultragamingnerd2001:UltraGamingNerd2001 111 144
TFP - Downtime by Shyrstyne TFP - Downtime :iconshyrstyne:Shyrstyne 163 26



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