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End of the Rangers? WIP
End of the Rangers
Reporter: “Just a few minutes ago a law was passed that stated that all Power Rangers were to hand over their Morphers and weapons to the Government; for it is now illegal to own or wield said powers.”
The Rangers, past and present, looked at the TV in shock; if it was now illegal to wield their powers then who was going to protect the earth? The Rangers with Animal Spirits felt their companions roar in rage; and even the ones without Animal Spirits could feel the rage of the Sacred Animals within their friends.
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RID 2015 theory
I am not sure how many of my watchers saw the season 2 finale of Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2015, but in that episode Ratchet appears. He says to Optimus and I quote "But you were gone, destroyed" that leads me to believe that this whole RID series takes place after the season 2 finale of TFP, in a verse where season 3 never happened, I would like to hear my watcher's thoughts on this, leave them in the comments please.
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TFP Drag and Drop game results 4 by FireBird180 TFP Drag and Drop game results 4 :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 2 TFP Drag and Drop game results 3 by FireBird180 TFP Drag and Drop game results 3 :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 7 TFP Drag and Drop game results 2 by FireBird180 TFP Drag and Drop game results 2 :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 1 5 Megatron and Sparknight by FireBird180 Megatron and Sparknight :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 1 0 Bond by FireBird180 Bond :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0 Sparknight's spark by FireBird180 Sparknight's spark :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 2 Megatron's spark by FireBird180 Megatron's spark :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 2 0 DF Flashfire by FireBird180 DF Flashfire :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0 DF Sparknight by FireBird180 DF Sparknight :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0 Sparknight by FireBird180 Sparknight :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 1 1 Shadowstar by FireBird180 Shadowstar :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 2 1 Astra by FireBird180 Astra :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 5
Bee's Sparkling
                                                       Bumblebees point of view
I stood there my wings nearly vibrating with anger; and holding my sparkling gently to my fluffy chest while glaring at Ultra Magnus. At the top of the ramp to the Steelhaven was the sire of my sparkling Waspinator; he was trying to get custody of our child.
Ultra: "Now Bumblebee he has a right to meet and help raise his sparkling."
Bumblebee: "I do not care; if he comes down here I will kill his aft; he got me sparked then left without a goodbye. I tried to contact him to tell him but he did not answer or return my calls; so as far as I am concerned he can just leave and never come back. Besides he can not claim the sparkling as we are not bonded; also he forced this on me."
Ultra Magnus spun and looked at Waspinator who was looking ev
:iconfirebird180:FireBird180 4 2
Zapdos Gryph by FireBird180 Zapdos Gryph :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 3 0


Er Wheeljack? Take 2 by TheWinterRaven Er Wheeljack? Take 2 :iconthewinterraven:TheWinterRaven 234 48 Dogformers: Team Prime by TheSpeed0fLlight Dogformers: Team Prime :iconthespeed0fllight:TheSpeed0fLlight 216 39 Ultrareading by Sinceredir Ultrareading :iconsinceredir:Sinceredir 171 72
Human!Scar x Reader (Lion King)

*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
Mufasa the king of pride rock had recently passed, the females of our tribe took the time of no reign to kick me out of the tribe. There was no real reason, they just didn't like me because of my refusal to 'mate' with our king.
So i walked the desert alone no food, no water and only rags too cover myself, with whereas in the tribe i'd have a dress with jewellery for being in the king's harem despite ever having any relations with him, due to my refusal. But Mufasa was a good man so he never forced anything on me if i didn't want to.
I sighed wiping the sweat off my forehead with the back of my forearm, in any moment i could have a heat stroke, and if this was a story of some sort i probably would.
My vision began to grow blurry and i saw triple of everything, not that there was much to see. My legs dragged through the sand an
:iconjazz-demo:Jazz-demo 580 55
Transformers Request's
{Request's Open}
I'm not good at writing story's, but what eva,
I'll write story's from:
-G1( Still watching this)
If you have a request of a show that is not listed, let me know and I will watch it and get to know the characters for you.
- I WILL do human x bot and femmebot x bot
- I WILL do gore and horror. (As dark as you request)
- I WILL do humour and family.
- I WILL do fluff's and maybe lemon's.
- I WILL  MAYBE do male x mech and female x femme I'm just not comfortable writing stuff like that but if you request it I will write it for you.( Nothing against gay's or lesbian's )
- I WILL NOT do lemon's for m x m or f x f.
- I WILL pretty much do anything. XD
- I WILL do one-shot's and long story's.
- I WILL use holo-form's for the robots.
- I WILL also do OC's
Put as much details in your request, I will upload 2-4 days a week, If you have any question's feel free to ask.
See you in the comments.
*Stay Golden*
:iconxxfracturedwaterxx:xXFracturedWaterXx 2 18
[Ratchet x Reader] Remember me
(Name) wasn't the nicest bot on cybertron. Attitude got her into sticky situations, and her trigger-happy personality wasn't a big help, either.
But she wasn't a criminal.
Autobots were chivalrous, it was true. But man, were they quick to jump to conclusions.
Present dilema; she was stuck in a vault, energon leaking out of her servos and mid-section. It had happened so fast, she couldn't quite comprehend what really happened. The fact that she was half-concious from energon loss when it happened was a factor to her memory, but she knew that the Autobots thought her an enemy and deemed it a good idea to keep her prisoner.
(Name)'d been in trouble before, but this was different.
She was sitting against a wall, on a raised platform, mulling over what memory she did have, when the door creaked open. An orange-and-white mech stood there, a bit on edge, with a bag in one servo. (Name) glanced, vaugely irritated, up at him. She was too tired and in too much pain to do much more than shift pos
:iconultragamingnerd2001:UltraGamingNerd2001 100 143
Saving You (Ratchet x Self-Harming!Reader)
It started with the slaps.
‘You’re worthless!’ Another mark upon my pale skin.
Then it got worse.
‘I don’t know why we even keep you around!’ One more cut to add to the growing web.
‘Why can’t you just disappear so we don’t have to deal with you!’ Another day without food.
Many people thought these markings that stood out prominently were gifts from my parents.
What they didn’t realize was the real demons weren’t at my dinner table, but inside my head…
“Go die in a hole!” I sighed, and retreated to my room, additional comments and nasty words thrown in my direction. This wasn’t out of the ordinary. I was surprised I got off so easily to be honest.
I closed the door, making sure to pull my dresser in front of it, in case they got any ideas. Sitting on the edge of my hard, uncomfortable bed, I stared at the walls. Pale white, bare; they almost looked like my own skin, the only difference was m
:iconthewriter9:thewriter9 118 51
Hope WIP by soulstrifer Hope WIP :iconsoulstrifer:soulstrifer 20 46
Haku Alive and Alone Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Haku quickly covered both graves. He was alive, and Zabuza was dead. The word getting around would be too messy to handle. Especially because of the state he was in. Haku flinched when he was done covering both graves. His wound was getting worse.
Suddenly, Haku heard someone coming from the woods. With much pain, he leaped to a nearby tree and hid behind the trunk. Haku looked at the grave. Some blood was stained in the dirt. Someone will know... He used the last of his chakra to keep his wound from bleeding as much.
“So it IS true that young Zabuza died. What a shame.” Said the very tall man with blue hair and skin as he touched the sword sticking out of the ground. Haku looked out from behind the tree. Two men in long, black coats with red clouds on them were standing before the grave. Haku had seen these coats before. They were part of the Akatsuki, the band of outcast ninja who were rated as level S ranked criminals. What are they doing here? Haku though
:iconwhitebengal14:whitebengal14 4 36
Senator Shockwave by steelsuit Senator Shockwave :iconsteelsuit:steelsuit 107 11 Testing Her Control by soulstrifer
Mature content
Testing Her Control :iconsoulstrifer:soulstrifer 29 11
You are still here? by Naihaan You are still here? :iconnaihaan:Naihaan 325 121 Everybody loves cats (Cyclonus is not exception) by Naihaan Everybody loves cats (Cyclonus is not exception) :iconnaihaan:Naihaan 361 104 SUB-ZERO X ELSA! by zipskyblue SUB-ZERO X ELSA! :iconzipskyblue:zipskyblue 354 128
Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero x F!Reader - MK Part 2
Warnings: Unbetaed. Misogyny. Cheesiness. OOC. English is not my first language. OCs.
Finding the chance to approach him was harder than you expected. You couldn’t just go near him and start a conversation like you were old friends in front of so many people. The idea made you a bit anxious, too, but you knew it had to be done. Yue had remained silent and earnest all the while, refusing to appear pleasant to Kuai Liang. He didn’t seem to be much affected by her behavior, at any rate, and soon Yue was forgotten, as her intention seemed to be.
After a brief glance to the hall you were surprised to see women garbed in the blue robes of the Lin Kuei, seated with their comrades. It was such an unusual sight for you that you couldn’t help but feel a strong curiosity towards them. Were they warriors of his clan, too? Earlier you couldn’t tell them apart because of the uniform. Now that they wore more figure-hugging clothes, and their faces weren’t covered,
:iconxenarhapsodos:XenaRhapsodos 12 3
Mature content
MK: Sub-Zero x Reader:I Need You More Than Nothing :iconnekojazzmin:nekojazzmin 77 0
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What is up my friends I am now on Flight Rising and hope to see you there; my name on there is AlphaPrime


Diane Rich
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United States
I am a 28 going on 29 year old woman who loves Naruto, Pokémon, Power Rangers among other things, I draw and write fanfictions; I have an avid passion for wolves.





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