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Soundwave's last Request
                                                                Blaster’s Point of View
The battle was long and hard; Soundwave and I faced off like we always did. But near the end of the battle something happened; Soundwave sent out the only remaining cassettes he has left then ran and took a shot for Megatron. The battle stopped as Soundwave fell to his knees clutching his right shoulder; Energon pouring from the wound. Megatron knelt beside Soundwave a sad look on his face-plates; a look we’ve never seen before.
Megatron: "Come on Soundwave let’s get you back to the Nemesis."
Soundwave: "Wound: impossible to fix; losing Energon too quickly. Just want the war over; Cassettes not safe."
Megatron: "The Cassettes are safe *caresses the side of Soundwave’s face* you know I wont let harm come to them."
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Get Up (Firebird180 version)
                                                           Megatron’s Point of View
I was starting to worry; it has been several hours since Optimus left to hunt. I knew that hunting could take several hours even on the best of these winter days; I looked down at my femling. She was Purple, Red, Dark Red, and Pink, with Blue optics; she had a black underbelly and talons that she got from me. I picked her up with my tail and set her on my back; she stirred a little from sleep but didn’t fully awaken. I wrapped my wings around her to keep her warm; then headed out into the snow. I headed to where Optimus normally hunted; I saw that Energon soaked the snow. I lowered my head and sniffed; my head shot up when I realized that it was Optimus’ Energon. I followed the trail of Energon to find my nest mate laying in the snow bare
:iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0
End of the Rangers? WIP
End of the Rangers
Reporter: “Just a few minutes ago a law was passed that stated that all Power Rangers were to hand over their Morphers and weapons to the Government; for it is now illegal to own or wield said powers.”
The Rangers, past and present, looked at the TV in shock; if it was now illegal to wield their powers then who was going to protect the earth? The Rangers with Animal Spirits felt their companions roar in rage; and even the ones without Animal Spirits could feel the rage of the Sacred Animals within their friends.
:iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0
RID 2015 theory
I am not sure how many of my watchers saw the season 2 finale of Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2015, but in that episode Ratchet appears. He says to Optimus and I quote "But you were gone, destroyed" that leads me to believe that this whole RID series takes place after the season 2 finale of TFP, in a verse where season 3 never happened, I would like to hear my watcher's thoughts on this, leave them in the comments please.
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TFP Drag and Drop game results 4 by FireBird180 TFP Drag and Drop game results 4 :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 2 TFP Drag and Drop game results 3 by FireBird180 TFP Drag and Drop game results 3 :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 7 TFP Drag and Drop game results 2 by FireBird180 TFP Drag and Drop game results 2 :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 1 5 Megatron and Sparknight by FireBird180 Megatron and Sparknight :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 1 0 Bond by FireBird180 Bond :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0 Sparknight's spark by FireBird180 Sparknight's spark :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 2 Megatron's spark by FireBird180 Megatron's spark :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 2 0 DF Flashfire by FireBird180 DF Flashfire :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0 DF Sparknight by FireBird180 DF Sparknight :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 0 Sparknight by FireBird180 Sparknight :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 1 1 Shadowstar by FireBird180 Shadowstar :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 2 1 Astra by FireBird180 Astra :iconfirebird180:FireBird180 0 5


Disciplined pg66 by CrimsonMetal Disciplined pg66 :iconcrimsonmetal:CrimsonMetal 41 17 Total innocence, ya know... by JJStar Total innocence, ya know... :iconjjstar:JJStar 655 304 Endless Realms bestiary - Amethyst Dragon by jocarra Endless Realms bestiary - Amethyst Dragon :iconjocarra:jocarra 256 34 CE: Okami Vulpix by renardchaton CE: Okami Vulpix :iconrenardchaton:renardchaton 264 33 Okami Style Vulpix by Mnemeth17 Okami Style Vulpix :iconmnemeth17:Mnemeth17 2,066 169 TFA: Pretender Megatron Final by Pinkuh TFA: Pretender Megatron Final :iconpinkuh:Pinkuh 705 168 The Royal Group by SleepingEel The Royal Group :iconsleepingeel:SleepingEel 206 34 Tron: Ezio Auditore by etaindarmangirl Tron: Ezio Auditore :iconetaindarmangirl:etaindarmangirl 77 13 Tron Link by effektdmentality Tron Link :iconeffektdmentality:effektdmentality 138 12 Power Ranger Tron by goldenmurals Power Ranger Tron :icongoldenmurals:goldenmurals 226 18 Tron Naruto by Mixermike622 Tron Naruto :iconmixermike622:Mixermike622 107 14 Tron Loki by KillMeInk Tron Loki :iconkillmeink:KillMeInk 175 5 Assassin's Tron by Radriel Assassin's Tron :iconradriel:Radriel 713 203 Uchiha Itachi TRONNED by kingyousy Uchiha Itachi TRONNED :iconkingyousy:kingyousy 62 12 Hatake Kakashi TRONNED by kingyousy Hatake Kakashi TRONNED :iconkingyousy:kingyousy 235 17 Uchiha Sasuke TRONNED by kingyousy Uchiha Sasuke TRONNED :iconkingyousy:kingyousy 141 35



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Diane Rich
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I am a 28 going on 29 year old woman who loves Naruto, Pokémon, Power Rangers among other things, I draw and write fanfictions; I have an avid passion for wolves.





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